Spoonfuls of Honey and Coffee

While nothing replaces quality sleep as the number one energy-provider, a little bit of the right pre-activity concoction can help give athletes an edge over their competition. Here is one that has gained in popularity over the last little while for its convenience, flavour, and surprising results - with an added twist from yours truly.

Alexander Nurse Bey
January 3, 2023

A Spoonful of Honey and Coffee Grounds

I first learned of this pre-workout combination from John Paul Catanzaro who in turn learned it from his friend, Dr. Eric Serrano.

Honey provides a dose of two types of carbohydrates - glucose and fructose – similar to other sports drinks on the market. This is important because different types of carbohydrates are digested at different rates, and when the body receives a large dose of one type at a given time, it slows the rate of digestion for that carbohydrate. So, ingesting more than one type carbohydrate during or prior to training is an effective way to ensure that you continue to metabolize carbohydrates optimally when fueling performance.

Meta-analyses of the research looking at the effect of honey on performance is not exactly conclusive, but the research does suggest that it seems to be able to provide the same or similar improvements to other carbohydrate-based ergogenic aids without the gastric distress that sometimes accompanies low-glycemic carbohydrates (carbohydrates that are steadily released into the bloodstream as opposed to carbohydrates that are abruptly released into the bloodstream), and that it may even attenuate some of the “immune perturbations” inherent to high-intensity exercise.

Coffee grounds, on the other hand, are a much simpler sell, as they provide a powerful dose of caffeine – which is already one of the world’s most researched performance-enhancing stimulants. For more information on the wonders of caffeine for sports performance, take a read through Caffeine for Sports Performance.

Add honey and coffee grounds together into a tablespoon and let it melt under your tongue and you will find that it is one of the most pleasant and powerful pre-workout formulas you can use!

P.S. For extra benefit and a more savoury flavour experience, add a ¼ teaspoon of coloured salt to the mix, as sodium is integral to improved cognitive function, stable hydration, and efficient muscle contraction.

Happy Training

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