Athletes & Nutrition: An Interview with Michael Loreto, M.Sc Pt. 1

In this portion of the interview with Michael Loreto, M.Sc - the product designer for Hekate, a company which produces functional mushroom blends for health and performance - we talk about the evolving, complicated science of gut health, and I give my take on the three products that I have found most helpful with improving digestion in athletes and other high-stress people. Put it on in the background and take a listen.

Alexander Nurse Bey
December 17, 2022

Interview Take-Aways

  1. Our knowledge about creating and maintaining a healthy gut is constantly evolving, and, in general, we don't know as much as we think we know. So consumers and experts alike need to be careful when making claims about what might improve this crucial component of overall health.
  2. One thing the scientific community is generally in agreement on is that a wide variety of foods is the best way to preserve the health of our intestinal flora, as certain species of bacteria require specific macro (and probably micro?) nutrients.
  3. The frequency and quality of defecation can be one of the many helpful indicators of our intestinal health, and the three products we touch on in this segment: Resistant Starches, Probiotics, and Hydrochloric Acid can all work to improve this key indicator.

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