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Alexander Nurse Bey

Co-Owner of AXIS Performance + Training

Alexander Nurse Bey is a Sports Performance coach and the co-owner of AXIS Performance + Training, a training facility located in Scarborough, Ontario. He has helped athletes to secure professional and collegiate contracts across multiple sports including lacrosse, basketball, hockey, boxing, and rugby, and continues to share his systems and philosophies for encouraging athlete vigor and high performance as a speaker and writer.

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Partnership with Axis Performance + Training

Kikkawa Massage College

We have partnered with Kikkawa College to bring free sports massage to all AXIS athletes, reviving the "Charlie Francis" athlete development model. Francis was the track and field coach for Canada's national team during the era of Ben Johnson and Angela Issajenko. During his tenure as a track coach his team broke over 250 Canadian and World records. He attributed much of his success to the regular recovery and regeneration work performed on his athletes by the students at Kikkawa, who offered their services in exchange for practicum hours toward their diploma.


We have partnered with the Toronto District School Board to give virtual and in-person workshops that provide staff with a curriculum for improving speed, agility, and fitness; as well as tools to assist with the assessment and monitoring of student athletes.

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