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with simple, high-feedback systems for the management of recovery and the measuring of performance. Our clients receive a high level of care and individual attention.

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Our commitment to serving you includes an in-house pain clinic and a referral network of quality health practitioners, ensuring ongoing relationships between coaches, clients, and therapists.

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Youth, Collegiate, and Professional

We service athletes across a variety of age groups and sports.
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We offer online training services via the TrainHeroic app for both in-house and long-distance clients.
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"Alex is an out-of-the-box thinker in a fitness industry that is packed full of professional regurgitators of information. When he comes out with something, you can bet your ass that it will not only be original, but it will get you thinking at a higher level that will elevate your own training or coaching.
Dr. John Rusin  |  DPD, CSCS
"When I first started training with Alex I was struggling with upper body and balanced strength. Within a few weeks of training with him I noticed a difference. I was able to do a lot more than I was previously able to and I was able to train longer and more efficiently."
Tyler Risman  |  national athlete for Dive Canada
"Over the year and a half I have seen Alex, he has helped me grow bigger, stronger, and faster as well as recover from an injury. He always cares about his clients, makes the experience fun all while helping you reach your goals. To me, there is no better trainer."
Nathan Maclean  |  AAA Hockey, Don Mills Flyers, Ontario
"One word: progress. The word every athlete hopes to use throughout the training year, and a word commonly used at Axis Performance + Training. Training with Alex has brought my physical conditioning and athletic performance to a place I never dreamed possible- and trust me, I thought I was in pretty fine shape before."
Jack Hemmings | National Championship boxer, Golden Glove Winner, hard knox boxing club
"I have been working out and playing sports for over thirty years. While I have a strong passion for working out, I have accumulated some wear-and-tear on my body over the years. Alex has been a great resource and trainer for me, his knowledge of human anatomy and how to get the most out of it is first rate. If you are looking to become a better athlete, increase your strength, or just improve your overall level of fitness Alex is a terrific person to work with. I highly recommended."
Lorne Marr  |  Owner of
"In all my years working with Alex, there’s no one I trust more to help me achieve my strength goals than him. He pushed me endlessly, was always a phone call or text away to find ways to improve outside the gym, and never let me settle for less than my best."
Daniel May  |  men's lacrosse, Jacksonville, NCAA Division One
“Alex has played a major role in my on-ice performance. I’ve noticed improvements in my speed, stamina, and my ability to recover after a game or practice. While accounting for goalie specific needs, as well as my personal strengths and areas requiring improvement, he is able to perfectly balance hard work with smart training. Alex is very knowledgeable and it is clear that he cares about his clients. I look forward to every training session.”
Amanda Makela  |  Goalie for Toronto Furies and the PWHPA, U18 world silver medalist
“Training with Alex allowed me to get to the next level of my training. Addressing all of my deficiencies and weakness from injuries I was able to train and perform at my highest potential. Alex’s knowledge and understanding of how the body works was crucial for knowing my limits when it came down to diet and training, he was able to get me into the best performance shape of my life. I have had many trainers in the past but Alex is up there with the best.”
Martin Pesek  | Defensive End, Hamilton Tigercats
“AXIS Performance + Training has been amazing to me; it is really one of the best training environments an athlete can be in. The attention to detail of both Alex and Joel has really helped me improve on niche parts of my game as well as injury prevention. Without a doubt going to Axis has helped me grow exponentially, and I continue to use them to keep reaching new levels.”
Andrew Braithewaite  |  Men's lacrosse, Manhattan College, NCAA Division One
“Alex Nurse Bey is one of the top youth strength and conditioning coaches in the country. I would not hesitate to send my kids to him. You should not hesitate either! Coach Bey will help take your child to the next level in athletic development.”
John Paul Catanzaro  |  The Catanzaro Group
"I am a professional boxer who needed somebody to recognize my physical weaknesses and improve my athletic condition. I was recommended Alex and from our first assessment I was already impressed. He right away pointed out my weak muscles groups and exercises and based our program customized to me and my needs. Each month he would introduce our next phase and I saw amazing improvements in each one. Thanks for bringing out the best in me, Alex!!"
Mladen Miljas  |  Canadian Heavyweight Champion

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